Thursday, 7 March 2013

Fettuccine Boscaiola

I was surfing in the net and saw sooooo many awful pseudo-italian recipes... Aghrrrrr.... Why do people abroad think that all the italian dishes contain CREAM? They don't.... we use more TOMATO!!!! 
In this dish I used fettuccine pasta, this name comes from "fettuccia", ribbon in italian. And the name of the dish comes from "bosco", forest, as the ingredients in part come from the forest... :-)

Servings: 2
160-200g fettuccine
50g pancetta / bacon
100g mushrooms
100g green peas 
1/2 onion 
250ml tomato purèe
black pepper
EVO oil
Parmigiano cheese 

1. Cut bacon in sticks and chop onion. Slice mushrooms.
2. Pour some oil to a frying pan and start cooking first mushrooms, then bacon and finally onion.
3. When the first ingredients are ready add green peas and just give a mix.
4. Add tomato purèe, couple of pinches of sugar and salt, and pepper. Add some spoons of water that you prepared for the pasta and cook the sauce till it thickens.
 5. Cook fettuccine al dente and add them to the sauce, mix carefully and serve with grated parmigiano on top. 

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